Kshark - CATO Story
Affected by the intrusion of the Mediterranean Sea and floods originating in the Black Sea, it appeared around 5600 BC. At that time, the Black Sea was known to be a freshwater lake about half the size of today. But this flood flooded the thriving civilizations along the Black Sea coast and submerged hundreds of feet of sea water in a short period of time. As the region's inhabitants dispersed, they spread existing civilizations and continued to thrive, forming the ocean and ecosystem known as Kshark.
In the Kshark’s ecosystem, fuel and resources are increasingly scarce, so the oceans invade each other, creating fierce wars and lasting from century to century. Xebel is a ferocious army of the Atlantic Ocean. They have conquered many different large and small oceans, causing loss to many innocent sea dwellers. But conquering all the oceans doesn't seem to be enough, their goal is to dominate the whole Kshark. To carry out the invasion, they created a destruction machine called CATO. CATO is shaped like a shark, with sharp iron teeth like a crusher, ready to crush opponents. Wherever CATO goes, it brings death and destruction there, it has an almost invincible power that is hard for anyone to defeat. One cannot count the number of casualties caused by CATO. Overcoming victory Xebel has created many more soldiers, similar in function and appearance to the CATO. What many people fear and call the army of sharks. The core purpose of creating CATO and going to invade is to build a new world called CATO WARRIOR. So is there hope for Earth and other planets? Will anyone be strong enough to defeat CATO? Or will Xebel eventually create a world called CATO Warrior?
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