Kshark NFT
Kshark NFT:
  • Kshark Bounty: Increase the experience to the community
  • Kshark Family: In-game members will randomly generate a family of sharks
  • Kshark Expert: The characters will become experts after many battles
  • Kshark Warrior: The best warriors will participate in the competition
The HashRate and the probability of obtaining the 4 styles NFT are as follows:
  • KSHARK Bounty: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premium
  • KSHARK Family: Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, Baby Boy, Baby Girl
  • KSHARK Expert: Hunter, Doctor, Sea Captain, Scientist, Boss, Lord
  • KSHARK Warrior: Great White, Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Megalodon
After experiencing a journey full of wonder, a group of Kshark little blue shark came to a strange ocean. They named this continent “KShark” and are preparing to build a new ocean here.
In order to build a new world as soon as possible, these little blue sharks divide their work with each other to face the opportunities and challenges brought by this land.
KSHARK Fisher: Their biggest source of fun every day is collecting and taking care of blue sharks in the New World.
KSHARK Chef: The KSHARK chefs who came to the New World are not only responsible for preparing food for everyone, but also taking the responsibility of collecting ingredients and developing new dishes in the meantime. The first rule of KSHARK kitchen is: Don’t eat shark!
KSHARK Doctor: Thanks to their hard work, all the little blue shark are enjoying life in the New World. The most commonly used treatment by KSHARK doctors is to fully feed the sharks.
KSHARK Engineer: There is no complicated equipment in the New World. KSHARK engineers can only start from scratch. It is said that they would swallow stones into their stomachs and polish them into tools.
KSHARK Scientist: KSHARK scientists are busy every day, exploring the mysteries of science. Top secret: They are studying voyage technology and hope to return to their hometown one day, even though they have not yet powered on their base on the new planet.
KSHARK Warrior: No tamable pack animals have been found in the KSHARK continent, so they swim themselves around the base day and night to guard everyone’s safety.
Every KSHARK little blue shark will be active in the KSHARK Metaverse in the form of NFT, the first batch of KSHARK NFT is called “Origin KSHARK NFT”, and they will be sold by blind boxes.
The number of different NFT issuances is as follows:
Insert table number of NFT issuances
The sooner you buy the blind box, the higher the probability of obtaining rare NFT. The rare NFT will have more advantages in the subsequent mining, refining, and breeding gameplays.
In Tokenomic, 10% of each transaction amount on the chain will be deducted and redistributed, 3% of it will be allocated to NFT Pool. All tokens in the KSHARK NFT Pool will be issued to users who hold KSHARK NFT through the “Stake-to-Earn” method. Every KSHARK NFT has a HashRate attribute. The higher the HashRate, the rarer the NFT and the faster its mining speed.
Origin KSHARK is very rare. When All Origin KSHARKs are all distributed, no new Origin NFT will be born. However, Origin KSHARK is not alone. Origin KSHARK can be “refined” and get “Genetic Genes”. Two Origin KSHARKs with Genetic Genes can breed and give birth to “Child KSHARK”.
The image and HashRate of Child KSHARK are also different according to the type and “Genetic Genes” of parents. For more information about “Refine”, “Genetic Genes” and “Breed”, we will introduce them in detail in the next article.

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