Business Model
Business model

Business Introduction

KSHARK will provide complete NFT underlying tools, including NFT casting, blind box, trading, mining, etc., and will also open up various gameplay methods such as “Attribute Refine” and “Breed”. The KSHARK ecosystem will gather NFT’s from different creators and categories. They are not only collections but also bring you more fun and create a steady stream of value.
3% of each transaction amount of $KSHARK will enter the NFT POOL, and all users can stake NFT to obtain income from the NFT POOL. The moment you stake your NFT, your NFT will create a steady stream of income for you. The rarer the NFT, the higher the profit will be obtained!
KSHARK will build a KSHARK Market that supports KRC20 Token transactions, NFT transactions, and NFT auctions, covering all asset types on the BSC chain, promoting the issuance of $KSHARK Tokens, and providing the strong driving force for the operation of the economic system of $ KSHARK.
As the most important entrance of KSHARK entertainment meta universe, KSHARK APP combines mini programs, NFC encryption, blockchain and other technologies, users can smoothly experience many functions in KSHARK entertainment metaverse.
We believe that games are one of the important application scenarios of NFT. KSHARK will complete the incubation and distribution of games through KSHARK GamePad, and provide various solutions such as synthesis, casting, breed, attribute refinement, etc. to empower NFT.
KSHARK will cooperate with high-quality IP and fashion designers to release physical toy figures, and implant NFC chips into the toys. NFC technology is a point-to-point, short-range, high-security technology protocol developed on the basis of RFID. Each NFC chip has a globally unique code, and each chip is bound to each physical object one by one, and the physical object is guaranteed that it is inseparable from the chip, and then cast into the NFT on the blockchain, thus realizing the one-by-one binding of the NFT and the physical object. Through KSHARK APP, users can also map the NFT corresponding to the real object to the game, realizing the perfect integration of “NFT, game, and real object”. At the same time, KSHARK will also combine AR and other new technologies to create more possibilities.
KSHARK FUN Metaverse
KSHARK will introduce a variety of well-known IPs and well-known designers, with blockchain technology as the bottom layer, through games, toy figures, etc., to build a vigorous KSHARK FUN Metaverse, and finally create a world-class pan-entertainment platform.

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