All of Kshark Bounty NFT, Kshark Family NFT, Kshark Expert NFT, and Kshark Warrior NFTwill be issued through “Blind BOX” firstly. Users can use $KSHARK or $BNB to extract Blind Boxes and obtain different types of NFT. $KSHARK and $BNB spent by users to draw Blind Boxes will be redistributed as the following rules:
  • 10% is owned by the developer;
  • 40% enters Kshark Farming Pool;
  • 50% is injected into the black hole address and burned.
Once Blind Box sale is started, Kshark Farming Pool will be opened simultaneously. The farming speed will gradually slow down until it stops. The earlier you participate in farming, the more benefits you will earn.

How to Buy Kshark NFT Blind BOX and Stake to Earn $KSHARK?

Kshark family, there are the guidances for “How to buy Kshark NFT Blind BOX?” and “How to Stake Kshark NFT to earn $KSHARK?”
Step 1 Open to start your journey with Kshark NFT Blind Box.
Step 2 Click “Connect Wallet”.
Tips: MetaMask is recommended to install for users with PC. Mobile phone users can connect to mobile wallet (i.e TrustWallet)
Step 3 Click” Buy Now” & Choose your purchase way (559,999,999 $KSHARK or 0.128 $BNB for each Blind Box on June 7)
Please note that $2 — $3 Gas fee will be paid for drawing Blind Box.
Step 4 You will draw a Kshark Family NFT randomly after payment.
Step 5 Check your purchased NFT in “My NFT”.
Reminders: The number on the top right corner of each NFT shows the HashRate of them. The higher the HashRate, the faster the farming speed.
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